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SERVICES: Capability Development

analytics capability development

VantagePoint can help you build your own analytics capabilities, setting you up for long term success.

The Analytics Roadmap

Organizations looking to compete in the coming decade will need to equip themselves with analytical capabilities that generate value and solidify their competitive advantages. VantagePoint uses a staged approach to bring organizations from basic analytical reporting all the way to next-gen insight generation, automation and learning

We divide an organization's analytical journey into five distinct phases:


Phase 1 - Data Collection: This involves projects and capabilities such as data capture, database design / management and focused efforts towards data privacy and security. Once the appropriate data is able to be captured, organized and secured, organizations can proceed to the next phase.


Phase 2 - Descriptive Analytics: Descriptive analytics include simple manipulation of data in order to provide a high level picture of the situation. Summary statistics, benchmarking and comparisons are all examples of descriptive analytics.

Analytics Roadmap.tif

Phase 3Predictive Analytics: Allows organizations to begin gaining insight into the future. Will player X make the next level? How will my sales look after an economic downturn? These are questions that predictive analytics can help with.


Phase 4 - Prescriptive Analytics: Prescriptive analytics involve not just predicting the future, but prescribing what actions should be taken. Scouting reports and engines that recommend what to do allow for organizations to allow for organizations to get specifically the actions they should take next.


Phase 5 - Next Generation: Once an organization is rooted in the first four phases they can push the analytical boundary forward by developing next generation applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, product automation and data monetization. 

VantagePoint can help your organization during any of these phases. We leverage expertise from a variety of leading analytical industries such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and financial services, to help build robust analytical functions within sporting organizations.

Interested in building your organization's analytical capabilities? Let's connect and discuss options that could help you achieve your analytical goals.

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