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SERVICES: Membership Strategy 

Membership Acquisition and Retention

VantagePoint helps sporting federations and leagues grow and retain their membership bases.

Membership Segmentation & Targeting

Understanding your membership base is key to ensuring your organization's future success. We have helped sporting federations quickly identify key membership segments that are at risk and those that are growth opportunities.

Our segmentation approach uses knowledge about your business and the sporting world, historical data and mathematical segmentation methods to create logical and addressable segment definitions.

Once the segmentation is complete, we create a profile of each segment in which we highlight key defining characteristics, historical performance, current trajectory and recommended tactics on managing the members in that segment.

VantagePoint will provide you with a Membership Segment Scorecard, allowing you to easily understand where your threat and opportunities are - and how to address them.

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Membership Forecasting

Clear insight into your membership base coupled with a forward looking view on changing trends will ensure that your organization stays on top of any changes in the environment. Vantage Point can help you create clear, accurate and flexible forecasts to assist with your membership planning goals.

Our forecasting coupled with our membership segmentation will allow you to have a high-level view of your current landscape while having the ability to double click into key opportunity areas to understand what the next best action is. 

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Worried about current trending in your membership base? Let's connect and discuss options that could help you achieve your acquisition and retention goals.

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