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SERVICES: Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation AnalyticS

Our three step process will give you the best insight into your players' future success.


Using historical data, create benchmarks on your players based on key segments including age, performance level, position and playing style. 

Benchmarks allow you to quickly identify how your players are performing compared to a target level based on their end performance goal. How does a 15-year old player aiming to make the major leagues perform in combine drills? What should their in-game statistics be to ensure that they are on track to making it to the next level?

Our benchmarking process allows for the development of standardized benchmarks that are designed based on the target player segments that are most important to you. Our easy-to-use benchmarking tools will enable your organization to quickly paint a picture of where your players stand.


Development Curves

Age-based benchmarking can be used to create development curves, allowing for quick identification of improvement areas needed for player success.

Development curves allow for coaches, physical trainers and managers to clearly understand the trajectory players are on in comparison to trajectories of target benchmarks.

Development curves will highlight whether a player is catching up or falling behind the target benchmark and will quickly sound the alarm when a player is off track.


Predictive modelling and scoring

The data your organization owns is only as useful as the methods that transform it. Predictive modelling is one of the most powerful ways of transforming data to provide valuable insight. 

VantagePoint employs a structured approach to developing predictive models:

  1. Define the desired response (what you are predicting)

  2. Organize the dataset of predictors (data you are using to predict)

  3. Based on the above, select the appropriate algorithm for model development

  4. Run sensitivities on the model to illustrate bounds of model (range of prediction)

  5. Validate and iterate to develop the best performing model

Once the model is created, VantagePoint works with your organization to build a simple, easy-to-understand tool to extract the key insights from the model. This allows you to focus on using those insights to drive your organization forward.


Interested in enhancing your ability to evaluate your players? Let's connect and discuss options that could help you achieve your performance goals.

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